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How does construction company dissolve the pressure that building materials rise

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For the building construction company that runs to already small profit, price of latter housing materials soars continuously let them feel huge pressure. How should manager of construction company project dissolve the pressure that building materials rises in price? For this, the Chinese new build that the reporter interviewed pair of construction market current situations to have research quite sets Liu Yunxin of manager of 2 companies project.
Liu Yunxin thinks, must be in contract to do a job when the project good close. Contract to do a job the theme that the project is eternity of building construction company, did not have a project, the enterprise also did not have the motivation of development. But to because be immersed in price war already and for the construction company that anguish can'ts bear, project rather go without than have something shoddy-put quality before quantity, must not hit out blindly, cause loss.
Build a project to be in, liu Yunxin thinks, since project ministry influences market value without ability, should dig from interior go, basically capture the following at 2 o'clock.
The a bitth it is the word that construction company leader often hangs in mouth edge: Want change idea, quicken the pace that refines administrative change to essence of life by extensive type management. Although housing materials rises in price to already became those who affect a project to create benefit " killer " , but photograph comparing manages at extensive type for, it is really " be outshone " . Because material rises in price,the benefit shrink that cause is OK computation comes out, and the benefit prediction of a person's luck in a given year that administrative extensive place causes is however " a bottomless pit " . Quite ministry of one part project is right the dynamic cost in construction process cannot master in time, bury next hidden trouble for item loss. Control good person force, material, machinery to wait use up, can reduce cost effectively. A lot of project managers and worker ground of all with one voice points out: Without the project of consequent loss, have the government of consequent loss only. "Turn management subtly this topic, these year carrying all the time, I did not explain more, I want to emphasize talk at 2 o'clock. " Liu Yunxin says.
2 o'clock is interior is dug go, must master a building energy-saving with the building rubbish handles a technology. Liu Yunxin citing says, perfusion of a kind of screw constitutes stake is to use the picket system that contains the screw that charges unit oneself, friend says screw perfusion constitutes stake, abbreviation screw picket. Screw picket is integrated helix perfusion picket, whorl perfusion picket and the steel fiber concrete that Japan develops are complete helix is prefab the advantage of picket, when screw picket becomes stake nonexistent clear background, protect a wall, collapse aperture, snap stake, shrink the problem such as diameter, not only picket body quality is reliable, noise is little, environmental pollution is little, and the concrete perfusion that adopts commonly used specification. Screw picket is rigid picket, can deliver stress deeper layer, in bear the weight of below the condition that force asks certain, ground is earthy and same, use screw picket can reduce project cost greatly. So, using newest technology is energy-saving fall the bad news, optimal method that reduces project cost.
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