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Our country rolled steel is all the possibility that enjoys drawback product to

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Since our country was finished first 2006 by " rolled steel imports a country completely " to " rolled steel exports a nation completely " change, special the policy accumulative total that moves duty in the light of exit of rolled steel product is as high as 6 take second place much. As this year July the exit exceeding an amount of rolled steel, analytic personage thinks, our country rolled steel is all the possibility that enjoys drawback product to clear entirely is taller. Suffer this hearsay effect, price of rolled steel spot market appears to be reduced considerably last week.
Whether to add impose custom duty still open to question
Analytic personage discloses to the reporter, current, the possibility that market talk government cancels product of all rolled steel to export drawback is taller, but can add to product of partial rolled steel ask for custom duty to still do not have final conclusion. If it is so if, the strength of policy can slant a few bigger. If fast word, the government should be met relevant policy comes on stage in lunar base. The personage inside course of study expresses, if custom duty is adjusted, in rolled steel product, getting the variety with the biggest impact is alloy marvellous wire.
At present custom still enjoys the rolled steel product that exports drawback at present below date of 72 tax regulations basically is: Cold rolling drawback 5% , alloy and do not become rusty drawback 5% , silicon steel drawback 5% , ≥ 600mm besmears plating board takes drawback 5% . If cancel drawback hind, look only from data, affecting the greatest variety is alloy marvellous wire, exit of only month of marvellous wire of 56 month alloy breaks through 1 million tons, and the proportion of gross of exit of the wire that take a club is added to 80% the left and right sides. Next the damage level of plank is not small also, the product exit such as plating of cold rolling, besmear, alloy is aggregate had been as high as 1 million tons / lunar above, what take the half of country that plank exports.
Public data shows, this year first half of the year, accumulative total of our country marvellous wire exports more than 6 million tons, horny profile exports more than 1.8 million tons, wire exit achieves many tons 1300.
Steel price drops will put delay
Suffer rolled steel to export influence of the hearsay that move duty, last week, price of steel of Shanghai spot market continues to drop, extent has increase a current. Wire most it is 300 yuan substantially / ton, whorl steel is the biggest drop it is 260 yuan / ton. Hot-rolling product drops 300 yuan / ton, medium plate drops 250 yuan / ton. Analytic personage thinks, although second half of the year has,produce can release pressure, product of partial rolled steel has existed super- drop.
"My iron and steel " researcher Xu Xiangchun expresses, whorl steel from June the high point of the first ten days of a month 5500 yuan / ton, the low to last week 4950 yuan, drop 550 yuan / ton, drop 10% ; Hot-rolling from 5850 yuan / ton high point, fall consummate week 4950 yuan / ton low, drop 900 yuan / ton, drop 15.4% ; Medium plate from 6500 yuan / ton high point, drop to 5500 yuan / ton, drop achieve 15.4% .
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