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Green environmental protection is new-style wall material - plant fiber is hollo

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Felt from Hubei filial piety recently city wall change and building are energy-saving do understanding to, ability of wall of natural house of town of filial piety feeling is limited environmental protection of a kind of of liability company own research and development pure green is new-style wall material -- , plant fiber is hollow block (namely straw creams scoria block) come out in filial piety feeling.
Filial piety feeling is the whole nation the 2nd batch 256 " ban solid " city, this city has city of 3 counties class, go in city of the total level that save a county all the time " ban solid " front row. The straw of research and development of natural house of town of filial piety feeling creams scoria block is advanced for this city " ban solid " positive effect arrived since the process. This kind of block is with the country bits of all sorts of plant straw pink are raw material, cream scoria and cement and CS solution series are cementation makings classics to mix agitate, mould pressing shapes. It is had light qualitative, excel in, heat preservation, sound insulation, fire prevention and single material can satisfy new-style building namely energy-saving the advantage such as 50% above, the pollution that and solved a farmer waits to air when the to unused straw waste after autumn harvest and burn down. Extending new-style wall ability energetically today, this kind of block satisfied a country to ask to the quality of new-style wall material not only, still change a large number of straw of the country useless to be treasure, and the use of the product and market lifecycle get effective and outspread.
From Hubei province construction hall was opposite 2004 the appraisal result of this product sees, to an agricultural big country, this company uses crop straw to make the wall material that accords with national industry policy, to the deepness of the deserted resource such as crop straw development is used reach industrialization to have great sense. With agricultural straw, useless bubble, cream hollow block belongs to the scoria wall system that makes for main raw material product of green environmental protection, country of technical index excel (GB15229-94) standard, technology is sound, the technology is advanced, have innovation sex, overall technology is in domestic banner level.