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Chinese construction company is in Libyan " dig gold "

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Those who devote oneself to reform is Libyan open wide a gate to the whole world, the construction project declare publicly of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two dollars is worn tremendous business chance, construction company of China began to be in this mysterious North Africa mainland to go up " dig gold " brigade.
"Go to the China of Libyan negotiation building a company, have empty-handed hardly and return, should have resolution only ' go ' , had made sufficient preparation for this, can win rich and generous get one's own back. " one has been in Libyan the Beijing that takes house of 10 thousand flatlet and item of town of a few colleges general manager of some construction group says so to the reporter.
The utterance of this general manager is by no means exaggeration. Since last year, the China that by China iron of building head office, China builds traffic of Inc. , China to build water and electricity of irrigation works of group limited company, China to build the composition such as the group is built " corps " in Libyan the contract that obtains many yuan 1200 in all.
Libyan this North Africa country that is close to mediterranean, like the China that period of reforming and opening just enters 30 years ago, 100 useless wait for promote. Libyan government puts forward " 1 million civilian house " how does housing reside project plan, the contract that means one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two dollars is in to whole world beck, and contract amount still has turn over the likelihood of times. Be in at this moment, come from the construction company that comes to the China that maintaining friendly foreign relations to it 30 years, can get the preference of Libyan government is not fathomless. Although other Africa country waits to have the experience of suffocate suffocate in Angola, but devote oneself to " go " Chinese construction company won't abandon accordingly Libyan " dig gold " opportunity.
Outside region flying " dig gold "
What contractor of project of your China construction soars in African glamour is, they issued a lot of large sheet with rapid speed autograph. Some has been taken head pay begin to build, some is dealing with all sorts of formalities, some is in cement of scare buying of Libyan circumjacent country, rolled steel, return some to go to about a hundred container transport of colour armor plate, aluminous material Libyan Banjiaxi harbour.
In resembling, build such " in " the Chinese construction company of word head is in international business have competitive advantage, have again " go " precedent, but in obtain Libyan " large sheet " in list of Chinese construction company, also there is no lack of ability of a few government strong, mechanism is agile outstanding the form of company of civilian battalion construction, they are limited company of group of industry of grand Fujian of limited company of development of investment of Ningbo China abundant and Beijing. Huang Fushui shows the president that grand Fujian is versed in, through the effort of half an year, this company had left nearly 8 billion yuan project in Libyan autograph, this project is planning now design phase, still other item is in in the negotiation.
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