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Raw material of iron and steel of beautiful rise in revolt exports Chinese exit

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It is pork first, steely raw material is after, this American week is opposite often Chinese product rise in revolt, give China already not hopeful exit again basket a shadow.
Although till last night, chinese Department of Commerce is not right front of square rise in revolt makes the United States response, but trade of world of Department of Commerce manages an official tells a reporter:  of Bo of Χ of Zhu of Lv of Suo of Yu of  of white a kind of net used for fishing or for dredging up river sludge bars  error asks run quickly small piece of land surrounded by water  ; World Trade Organization of Cuo 騑 TO() write a letter or publish opinion on public affairs, we not wondering.
Attrition new field: Zhui of mill of  of ┮ idle ⒃ ?
This week is some earlier moment, WTO published government of an United States will case. The United States just oppugns China to produce the allowance policy of business to pork in letter, point out China is opposite at present raise RMB of every sow allowance 100 yuan, with the allowance in the past photograph comparing increased one times.
The outside thinks from this, the domain that commerce of United States happening chafes in has diffused to agricultural domain from line of business of manufacturing industry, service.
And yesterday England " financial times " the report says, american trade official be about to to WTO to lodge a complaint, the raw material that oppugns China to produce etc industry to iron and steel exports the limitation that bring to bear on. The United States just says, china is mixed to metallurgy coke, molybdenum, corundum fluoric the export quota that waits for steely producer goods to carry out and taxation policy, reduced domestic price, drive up artificially international price, this violated the regulation of WTO, your United States produces business to be in adverse position.
Rose this year in August, china is provisional to the exit of coke tax rate by 25% rise to 40% , coking coal exports provisional tax rate by 5% rise to 10% , other soft coal collect exit provisional custom duty, provisional tax rate is 10% .
External an expert of institute of commerce of economy of international of economic commerce university says to our newspaper reporter, the exit of the product such as domestic control coke is accord with reason, because of our country from a series of control came on stage since last year " two tall one endowment " (tall pollution, high-energy bad news and resource sex) the step that the product utters, these measure exchange rectify structure of Chinese foreign trade and protective environment to wait advantageous.
Media coverage said yesterday, a controller of guild of Chinese coking plant points out, the country increases coke, cooking coal to export custom duty considerably, meaning cutting export of difference of flat domestic and international price, control, in order to ensure the demand that the industry produces related home, avoid cooking coal, coke to soare to be conducted to the price of downstream industry catenary continuously with negative effect.
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