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General pottery and porcelain transcends product line of brick of clean bright p

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Want limited company of city general ceramics high a few days ago again strong bright sword, transcend product line of brick of clean bright polish put into production of great light a fire, 3 old brands are brand-new notional polish brick, be about to push in the round to the market.
5 years of harships: Arouse one's all efforts to make the country prosperous is jumped over from the beginning now
General pottery and porcelain held water in July 2003, of the same age is rolled out " imperatorial pottery and porcelain " , rolled out the 2nd brand 2004 " verve tile " , rolled out the 3rd brand 2005 " Chang'an ceramic tile " , all gain a success. As Chinese ceramics industry enterprise of first outstanding Xin Rui, country exempts check product company, want limited company of city general ceramics high to already had taken 5 year. The extraordinary years that reviews check business 5 years this, can generalize simply for: "3 strides, climb a peak nearly two years year after year " .
Roll out the speed of a brand before check business 3 years with a year, the enterprise that finish shares the strategic position that the market competes, roll out early or late " imperatorial pottery and porcelain " , " verve tile " and " Chang'an ceramic tile " 3 old brands, the brand figure that provides distinguishing feature each is compared with extremely high gender price for the foundation, wide suffer consumer to love.
Check business is bibcock with the market, it is forerunner with research and development, product design and color and form a complete set are in an industry all the time lead position, and the complete set Italy that its use Xisitemu platen printing machine, train in excess specified length is new-style furnace of wide body kiln and equipment of press of Li Taichao class, produce each working procedure to manage a system strictly to undertake operational according to ISO9001 international quality, its product uses international level, obtain name of product of green building materials and radioactivity of building materials product to detect certificate of conformity, it is the safeguard with product excelsior quality more.
As 3 old brands famous spend the United States praise spend day of beneficial promotion, by industry praise for " ceramics expert " check business, produce sales volume to increase by degrees year after year, comprehensive strength is strengthened increasingly, terminal market force is synchronous also promotion, its brand shop also spreads all over the whole nation gradually market of each big ceramics building materials.
Be in happy event during receiving a business 5 years, to promote an enterprise image further, lead and promote terminal brand to sell a design to upgrade in the round each, check business is located in pottery and porcelain of Fosan an ancient name for China to read extensively investment of perfect already completion uses the center of new sale of 9000 much square metre of the city.
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