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Price of furniture raw material soares continuously second half of the year " bu

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Price of furniture raw material soares continuously cause market person morale is low fan, second half of the year " busy season " show hard
Exhibit like what knit in stream of people of in former years meeting " busy season " , furniture data market trades cold and cheerless, in succession a few days, the reporter visits material of Asian international furniture to trade the center understands, company of partial furniture data sells pressure to soar, furniture data company also fears escaping hard " cold winter " .
Do not rise in price unmanned also patronage
After annual the Mid-autumn Festival passes, during lasting to the Spring Festival all the time, consider as furniture the busy season of the industry, but the material this year September is exhibited can make Feng Huiping right " busy season " cherish too big hope no longer.
"The business is too bad to was done, come also be a few old clients, I sat a long time here. " Feng Huiping is to want city high to exhibit brightness the sale delegate of hardware products plant, she tells a reporter, she will arrange ginseng of heart dragon river to exhibit around to have 5 times, this passenger flow compares the Long Jiang this year March to be able to be exhibited even little, it is the business most of cold and cheerless. "Our product is originally with price low will attract a client, went up who can still come to valence buy you? " Feng Huiping is pointing to the few and far between travelling merchant in the exhibition hall to say.
With Feng Huiping, mr Zhang of inn of fittings of furniture of interest of suitable heart cause also tells a reporter, in furniture industry very stagnant circumstance falls, whose inn won't rise in price easily. Introduce according to him, cause interest furniture is main the product is to eletroplate batholith of chair of chair foot, class and revolving chair fittings, because this approves the raw material rolled steel of goods is average of the beginning of the year, accordingly, still do not have the adverse effect after be risen in price by rolled steel.
Compare hardware products, of sponge rise in price should get apparently much. "Sponge 12 from last year 1 centimeter, the most rising go to 15 1 centimeter. " trade in material of Asian international furniture the Li Zhibang that the center does sponge business for a long time says, his business is exhibited can kick off 3 days to do not have improvement all the time, the client of patronage is very few. "Do not say to rise in price, do not rise in price namely comer is very few " , pursue furniture leather trade enlighten Huang Shunguang of manager of henry leather business says.
The order outside the province over provincial
It is reported, went to this locality company that market of data of Asian international furniture purchases every year in September before particularly much, but since foreign exit and domestic sale encounter this year " cold current " hind, the company of a lot of furniture of suitable heart already no longer here.
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