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Appropriate city develops resource advantage to develop building materials prope

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Appropriate city, be located in Hubei to save middle reaches of northwest ministry, Hanjiang, mixed 2006 in having the honor to win the whole nation two years to have investment latent capacity most continuously 2007 small town name of town of 100 strong counties. With respect to mineral products resource, so far, appropriate city already ascertain but the mineral products resource that dimensions extracts has earth of embellish of limestone, marble, dolomite, silica, fireproof clay, Peng to wait for 14 kinds, among them reserves of stone of low grade phosphorite 50 million tons. How to use resource dominant position, enlarge estate of new-style building materials, does economy of stimulative county region grow? The reporter was taking this problem to interview Zhu Hui of appropriate city mayor recently.
In speak of local resource, when what the resource that can bring benefit to building materials industry especially has, zhu Hui says, appropriate city besides have limestone, marble to wait for 14 kinds but outside the mineral products resource that dimensions extracts, its bauxite also is the low iron of tall aluminous Gao Gui with Hubei exclusive province ore, reserve has 736. 30 thousand tons; Fireproof clay reserves 40 million tons, first of character house whole nation: High grade cement is abounded with limestone reserves, it is medium south the area is infrequent large and fancy high grade mine. Current, already had cement of arrowroot continent dam city of finite liability company, appropriate the enterprise of a batch of new-style building materials such as limited company is in Li Longgang compose appropriate city develops, total investment is amounted to 6. 500 million yuan.
How to enlarge estate of new-style building materials? Zhu Hui talked with respect to the construction of garden of industry of new-style building materials and development only at 3 o'clock. It is to make garden area develop a program. Appropriate city invites famous expert to distributing to industry of local building materials, capacity of building materials resources undertook an analysis, made the garden of industry of new-style building materials that covers an area of 2000 mus develop overall planning; With cement of Ge Zhou dam finite liability company is bibcock, accelerate the development of the downstream product such as cement, new-style building materials; Form " bibcock is driven, transverse do fore-and-aft and big, outspread, classify to gather " new-style pillar industry grows new structure. 2 it is to increase building materials industry to give aid to strength. Appropriate city came on stage to accelerate carry out an opinion with what give aid to industry of new-style building materials grows, offer bigger privilege to project of industry of form a complete set policy and reduce admittance door Lan, build top-ranking industry to develop external environment. Like product of Hubei famous brand " hill horse " cement, " skin of the bamboo is colourful " paint etc all is appropriate city give aid to object. 3 it is business of action of executive industry form a complete set. Around the development of garden of industry of new-style building materials, appropriate city is making long industry chain, make big industry group, form the firm on all-around industrial form a complete set to make great efforts. In the near future, appropriate city still introduces exert oneself a batch of old other people to flow, develop material of a batch of a lunar month of 30 days, and the enterprise such as material of body of station of large concrete agitate, new-style wall, strive to be in " 915 " during, the large cement that makes division of garden of fourth course of study of new-style building materials region of Cheng Exi north, new-style building materials produces base.
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