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Serious and thousands of square meters of warehouse fire color plate

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Last night around 10:20, the north bridge in Yizhuang, Daxing District, a row of thousands of square meters of color steel warehouse suddenly caught fire, fortunately, dozens of tenants in a timely manner within the Treasury to withdraw, causing no casualties. Of the fire is still under investigation. According to nearby residents introduced, these makeshift high-2 level, residents near the color plate is made of rows of makeshift structures, most of which shacks were leased out to these people to Beijing-workers. Most of those tenants living in the vicinity of waste collection, it is also stacked in the warehouse close to each household of the cardboard boxes, scrap metal and other waste. Mr. Liu said, according to witnesses, when the fire started from the southeast corner of the makeshift, the "Start a great smoke, but then the fire spread quickly, a row of houses all with the." After the incident, the high rice store fire squadron Daxing District, Fengtai District, and other squadron dahongmen fire brigade sent 20 fire engines to extinguish the fire. Yesterday, around 0:10, the fire was extinguished basic. According to firefighters described the scene, the warehouse a lot of recycling waste to be burned, but fortunately caused no casualties.