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Mars welding ignited color steel heating pipes

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Today, 10:20 Xu, South Street inner ring near the Cyberport SEG, several workers in a warehouse heating pipe welding, welding spilled Mars will lead the color plate. Seeing a growing fire, the workers hurried to the Police. After receiving the alarm, firefighters rushed to the scene. Nearly 30 square meters warehouse fire, the roof and walls were built by the color plate, color steel plate along the fire had spread in the bubble. In order to quickly extinguish the fire, firefighters set up the ladder to the color plate from a height within the water, after 40 minutes of fighting, and finally put the fire out. According to construction workers say that they are in the welding process of heating pipes had an accident. "Mars may be the welding caused the fire spilled." One worker said. The good news is that no storage of goods within the warehouse, the warehouse owner significant. It is understood that although the outer layer of color plates are steel plates, but in order to enhance the thermal insulation, sound insulation, two layers of steel sandwiched a layer of foam on fire easily. It is also because of its special structure, fire fighters fire fighting more difficult. Recently, firefighters have dealt with many incidents of fire fire color plate, in this, our staff hope that all construction units, use of color in the color steel plate or in a construction environment, we must exercise caution.