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Wind power color plate housing is to change "flying house"

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Yesterday, around 0:00, Sun Xiang, Chaoyang District, Xin warburg on, the villagers, old Liu Ping 300 square meters of housing floor room was suddenly a large color plate wind run, hit the top of the cottage next door. No one was injured in the accident. Old Liu said housing repair as soon as possible to the neighbors. Old Liu and his family, said the wind to run the color plate housing about 300 square meters. According to their memories, about 0:00, and suddenly heard the roof, "Kacha Kacha" to ring out behind the house originally built in the second floor to find the color Steel house was gone. It turned out that the overall color plate housing is blowing, rolling about 10 meters to the east, the east neighbor stuck in the roof of the cottage. Old Liu said, the family slept almost night. Yesterday afternoon, reporters saw the roof, color steel room pressure in the east side of the roof a few bungalows. Cottage smashed tiles, eaves many to be rubbed out, a jujube tree twigs also been crushed. On the east side of the cottage roof A pigeon nest, smashed the cottage owner, said pigeons are pigeons nest injured after smashed, but fortunately did not hurt others in the room. This reporter saw in the last Xin warburg, almost all of the bungalows are built a color plate above the room. Because it is many years old neighbors, old Liu and neighbors has not quarrel. Yesterday afternoon, the two sides together to the roof, the Society Commercial housing repair concrete steps.