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Russia Wu Kelan exports steel price to drop

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Since December, international steel city go from bad to worse, plus Chinese rolled steel export volume soars, russia, black overcomes Lan Gang to taste exit to be pounded.
Price of the last ten-day of a month went low in December. Heat up a price to drop continuously especially, with compared in November, the accumulative total inside a month drops a 20 dollars / ton, cold rolling walks along situation criterion to be stabilized relatively, drop not quite.
Grow material respect, market of domestic reinforcing steel bar still maintained Russia of a month to move smoothly in the past, export the price to show like that drop posture.
In the past a month, wu Kelan hot-rolling board coils export price the 470-480 dollar from last month / ton fall to restrain FOB 450-460 dollar / ton, drop a 20 dollars / ton. To this, industry points to continuously, hot-rolling coils the price falls to 450 dollars / ton be too low really.
Cause the cause that the price drops, market personage has a view each.
Personage of Wu Kelan market thinks, seasonal element heats up the main reason that a slow down in demand and price drop to bring about, be not is be caused by of competition of Chinese low product. Like that Western Europe trafficker objects, although Chinese government adopts measure to limit export,point out, but the rolled steel amount that comes from China is very large still. By tens of thousands ton Chinese heat coils will enter North Africa and middle east, consequently predicting Wukelan heats up a price to be in next year 2, won't restore before March.
Under photograph comparing, cold rolling board whirls Wu Kelan force is relatively steady, at present export price is in FOB 520-540 dollar / or so tons. According to the analysis, cold rolling drops relatively stable place supports a demand that basically is car and home appliance not quite. Additional, price of board base export restrains 390-420 dollar / ton.
Grow material respect, although New Year will come, market of domestic reinforcing steel bar still maintained Russia of a month to run state smoothly in the past, export price criterion declare to drop like that. According to statistic, reinforcing steel bar trades last week the price makes an appointment with 18890 ruble on average / ton (contain) of value added tax, at present quote is 14400 ruble on average / ton (546 dollars / ton) , 150 ruble rise since November oneself / ton. As Ye absurd holiday is coming, predicting market demand still will continue fatigued and weak go down. Although reinforcing steel bar of the Black Sea exports the price to still be maintained in FOB 515 dollar / or so tons, but the export price of Sanket already the FOB 520 dollar from November / ton fall to 495 dollars / ton.
Respect of square unburnt brick, at present the square base price of Iran of exit of the Black Sea is FOB 393 dollar / ton, relatively fell November nearly 50 dollars / ton, to Turkey additionally export price is FOB 420 dollar / ton, relatively fell November 5 dollars / ton.
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