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Brazilian next year exports the board base price to Asian area to be 440 dollars

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According to Tokyo message, group of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of contest of A of tycoon of Brazilian iron and steel a few days ago already with Korea Dongkuk of business of the 3rd big steely production comes to an agreement, the board base price that next year exit reachs Asian area first quarter will be 440 dollars / ton, this price fall than previous and bilateral agreement 55 dollars / ton.
At present western market is in cut rolled steel output, the report says the United States will cut down 3 million tons, europe will cut down 1 million tons, accordingly, the price that American next year imports board semifinished product is 400 ― 420 dollars / ton (FOB) , and the price that Europe imports board semifinished product is 390 dollars only / ton (FOB) .
Analysis of the personage inside course of study thinks, still cannot decide whether Korea Dongkuk group can reduce his to be in next year at present home is large board sale price, the board semifinished product that Dongkuk group imports basically is used at making thick board, at present of this company thick board sale price is 54 dollars / ton. Because Chinese government imposes the export custom duty of 10% to board base exit, so China should contend for Asian market with Brazil, must fall price of board base export to 400 dollars / ton the following (before duty) .