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See the 10 old buildings of Chinese that burn money! (Group plan) S

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The 10 old buildings of 2006 China that burn money (group plan)

Capital airport building of 3 boat station

Capital airport building of 3 boat station

Building of newly-built 3 boat station is the Norman of building Great Master that once designed Hong Kong airport - the work of Mr Forster, the expert thinks this is an excellent design, have the building function of world top-ranking airport and distinguishing feature. Deserve to go up newest technical system, building of 3 boat station will be the most advanced airport on the world.

Roofing of T3B of building of 3 boat station is hyperboloid appearance, submit flight form form; Way of north and south is long make an appointment with 958M, western Xiang Kuan makes an appointment with 775M east, its are umbriferous the area is 110 thousand square metre about, housetop top prize has for 42M(losing 0 cases calculate) . In boat station building point to corridor and main body joint, install a temperature to seam, whole boat steel structure of station building housetop is assigned for 3 parts.

This project is large area, big span manages to find time construction of housing of net of trigonometry awl steel, building modelling is novel, distinctive, plane is decorated submit word of “ person ” model.

Always invest: 16.7 billion yuan

Burn money index: ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★

Countries of 10 the old building that burn money are big theater dispute is big (group plan)

CCTV new building

CCTV new building

Location of CCTV new station is located in east to the south of 3 annulus road, brilliance road with Lu Yina of north, rising sun, inside CBD program limits. Location of CCTV new station accumulates amount with the ground 187, 000 square metre, total floor area makes an appointment with 550 thousand square metre, top structure makes an appointment with 230 meters, project always invests about 5 billion yuan of RMBs. Location of CCTV new station builds a project to adopt the design plan of Holand OMA certainly. Expert commissioner thinks case of this one party can establish the mark sex image of CCTV not only, also will turn over China to build the one page with new group.

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