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Location of CCTV new station: Overturn to build innovation traditionally

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China International city builds project of check study project

Location of CCTV new station: Overturn to build innovation traditionally

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Project archives

Case name: Location of CCTV new station

The position: Area of Beijing rising sun east the road in 3 annulus 32

Dimensions: Always cover an area of a face to accumulate 19.7 hectare, total floor area makes an appointment with 590 thousand square metre, by the CCTV (CCTV) advocate center of culture of building, service building, TV (TVCC) and composition of the project outdoor. Among them advocate the building is 234 meters tall, on the ground 52 layer, underground 3, set 10 skirt floor, floor area 470 thousand square metre.

Building design: Thunder Mu - the Holand that Kuhasi chairs is cosmopolitan building office

The building installs a project to always contract: Group of city building of head office of Chinese construction project, Beijing parts bear build advocate building and project of TV culture center.

The project makes progress: Project of TV culture center on March 16, 2005 start working. Because this project will be assumed,the TV of the Olympic Games reported 2008, its complete time will first at CCTV advocate building: Plan in June 2007 partial consign is used, the heart is total 2007 complete. CCTV advocate the building is built at formal on May 8, 2005 start, predict will 2009 complete

The expert is commented on

This project model distinctive, structure is novel, new and high technical content is big, in all belong to “ domestic and internationally the oversize project of tall, difficult, essence, pointed ” .

As China the function is most at present complex, the building that has originality sex most, will promote the innovation of thought of system of construction of architectural of Chinese high level, structure, turn over China to build the one page with new group.

An added ingredient

120 years ago, when Aifeier once iron tower comes out, the iron with this peculiar modelling makes an eccentric person suffer the opposition of distinguished personages of group of art of a few culture instantly. The dweller also was psyched out all round, somebody still runs to the court to reside Sidafu to building an engineer unexpectedly - Aifeier undertakes prosecution. After iron tower building, the center of broadcasting station of since France broadcast, it is observatory and TV launcher. The phone once still regarded as monitor board during the war, had intercepted and capture the important information of German army, had made contribution to oppose fascist war. Today, it is considered as the mark of France and Paris.
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