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Assemble of steel compose project

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One, in be in harmony project of building of business affairs of · jasper blue sky is located at center of banking of mouth of Shanghai land home, with television tower of Oriental bright phearl, Jin Mao the edifice lies between market phase to look. Its cover an area of area 8947m2, floor area makes an appointment with 100000m2, on 4 layer, ground of subterranean 44, coping is steel structure housetop, structural overall height spends 219.4m, steel structure gross is 7000t about, use structure of steel structure concrete, it is one of mark sex buildings of Pudong new developed area. In project of building of business affairs of · jasper blue sky has the honor to win be in harmony award of special grade of ” of award of King Kong of “ of project of construction of structure of metal of 2006 year Shanghai.
2, Shanghai life happiness collects project floor area 40 thousand M2, 31 tall, used 68 days to realize main body steel structure to seal a top only, quality of this project construction has the honor to win gold prize of first China steel structure, the project is decided to be demonstrative project of science and technology by construction ministry.
3, project of home of century of Wuhan of demonstrative project ——— is in the throughout the country's biggest steel structure house in building. This project total floor area two hundred and twenty-nine thousand seven hundred M2, by composition of residences of 12 24 high levels. Project besides making principal part with steel structure entirely, still will from what use compose of Hang Xiao steel to be developed independently from bear type floor and fill are domestic and international wallboard of inside and outside of blank CAA sound insulation, heat preservation, fire prevention.
4, travel of Shanghai Feng Xianhai bay goes vacationing inside the area, the steel structure that a total floor area exceeds 300 thousand M2 is uptown in be being built, gold of large village blue sea is sanded. Jia Yuan total floor area is close 313 thousand M2. At present the first phase of start working is double go all out to discharge villa with couplet, use structure of light-duty steel frame entirely.