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Value of Russia useless steel is total hold firm

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December, useless steel of Russia home A3 is little drop, overall hold firm, export price also did not appear to fluctuate considerably.
The presiding apparitor Viktor Makushin of MAIR of the biggest useless steel exporter says, export Turkey A3 to abandon steel to be 285 dollars about / ton (Eads Mill CIF) , from Russia south the FOB of harbor is 265 dollars / ton (FOB) , sanket exports valence to keep smooth, for 260 dollars / ton (FOB) . Exporter of another useless steel says, december, abandon steel price to Osmanli A3 from the Black Sea (long-term contract) for 260 dollars / ton (FOB) , fall than November 10 dollars / ton; Sanket export price falls 3 dollars / ton, fall to 265 dollars / ton (FOB) . As a result of seasonal demand puts delay, predict the portion abandoned steel to export the price in January 2007 or dimension keeps balance firm or drop.
Rusmet monitoring result shows, as holiday one every day adjacent, useless steel of Russia home A3 trades the price tends drop, trade last week valence is 5120 ruble / ton (195 dollars / ton) , contain value added tax, fell than November 8% .