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Michael Jantzen is designed and finish American California

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The world builds news network to reported on April 19, the M-vironments system of OK and new emplacement is formed with a series of element that can operate, join with the supports frame matrix of all sorts of different kind and standard component. This kind of frame can be demolished assemble again, so that get used to the demand of distinct change.

M housing used M-vironment system, by a series of rectangular board composition, join with hinge between them, build the bar case structure that opens into, include 7 interrelating cube. Platform and cubic frame are used adjustable “ leg ” will prop up, join of these “ leg ” are on the bearinged mat that prevent defect. Below a lot of circumstances, the structure that prop up does not need base, accordingly they can adjust will get used to different landform.

The component of all M housing is interchangeable, amount and size are to be able to add what can decrease. The M housing board that already established is combined with frame of a steel structure, the move that prop up is small thin concrete synthesizes a wall. This kind of housing can design the building that uses the autarky that solar energy and wind-force generate electricity, can get used to wide market.

Because can design the building of different measurement, appearance, material and plank, this system is OK the building that build extends field of stage of house, booth, game, retail space, office and other business use. M residence has appeared on the market now put on sale, particular case can land to consult.