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Trend of market of international stainless steel is analysed

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European market is in Russia, mechel of company of production of Russia stainless steel and other steel mill ask to be opposite federally again and again thin plate of all austenite stainless steel collects entrance European Union turn over dumping custom duty. Mechel thinks, go a few years, european supplier with dumping value race to control Russia market share. Mechel is in Russia of stainless steel market have rate already from 2003 43% fall to 11% 2005, output also falls considerably, 2006 1 - crop was 32 thousand tons only in September, and the stainless steel of this factory is produced per year can be 250 thousand tons.
Be in European other area, european area plank of 4 quarters stainless steel and demand of senior capable person continue to keep driving, the analyst says, price of European stainless steel has been close to acme, from next year the price will be in after March exalted dish whole, and begin possibly even drop. Stainless steel of the 400 departments in the market and demand of stainless steel of double Chinese tallow tree increase considerably, especially 430 stainless steel; The change that the user purchases an option has caused stainless steel works to at present the price issue of 300 departments stainless steel arises worry. In addition, stocks of European stainless steel appears slow growth, and the car also exists with stainless steel consumption it is dangerous to glide.
Asian market is in Korea, fromOn December 27Order rises, iron of riverside Xiang Gang moves 70 thousand Han on price of 400 departments stainless steel yuan / ton, from this sale price from 1.1 million Han yuan / ton (430 to allow) rise to 1.17 million Han yuan / ton. The riverside that circulates to the market moves the hearsay of 300 departments price on Xiang Gang iron, xiang Gang iron expresses riverside, do not have the attune on the plan till now 300 departments price.
Be in Japan, because nickel price rises, japanese steel mill is continuous go up price of tone stainless steel, at present of Japanese Tokyo market2.0mm The price of thin plate of stainless steel cold rolling of nickel radical SU304 has risen to 500 thousand yen / ton, relatively the beginning of the year rose 20 yen / ton. Japanese steelworks still moved stainless steel price on the plan December, predict value of market of plank of cold rolling of Japanese SU304 stainless steel will reach 540 thousand yen December / ton.
Be in China, market level of portion home stainless steel poured fast fall after a rise in November 2006, show a possibility at this point the danger of cannot recover after a setback. The end of the year is downstream demand atrophy, market clinchs a deal actually continuously delicate the main reason that makes epicycle prices fall after a rise; Although lunar end prices carries valence and nickel price to issue appreciably to pick up once more to high drive in steelworks, but overall situation still nots allow hopeful and change. Producer price moved business of production of plate of domestic main stainless steel on 300 series December 300 yuan / ton, 400 series are smooth dish. Export price is small rise, too of the exit Korea of steel the quote of hot-rolling and lading of cold rolling stainless steel was compared in Feburary 2007 on the month rises 20 dollars / ton. The growth aggravate of crop of Chinese stainless steel the insecurity of global trade situation, crop of Chinese stainless steel was expected to achieve 5.1 million tons 2006, increase rate is 60% ; Stainless steel consumption may rise 16% , achieve 6.15 million tons, import volume achieves 2.6 million tons, export volume achieves 600 thousand tons. Chinese stainless steel exports the constant growth of the quantity to had affected global market. The stainless steel of China, Japan and Korea is compressed of material swarm into make Western Europe market bright characteristic. China also was the main source ground of American import stainless steel 2006. Accordingly, MEPS thinks the growth aggravate of crop of Chinese stainless steel the insecurity of global trade situation.
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