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World each district 10 old eccentric buildings (graph article)

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8 ” of “ word experiment edifice

Wilson edifice is built at coming 1971 1974, 16 tall, echelon is shown among, both sides Lou Tiyuan looks to be like with “ of a Chinese character 8 ” . It is located in Si Zhouzhi of Nuo of American Yi benefit to add the outskirts of elder brother city, the forest that big include all round, lawn, laky with grass, the environment is very beautiful. Building modelling avant-courier, it is the administrative building of lab of the United States' largest Fermi of —— of high-energy physics laboratory actually. Fermi lab also is the 2nd large lab that institute of European particle physics is next to on the world, here often has all sorts of curious and eccentric tests, can satisfy the working requirement of about 1500 scientists. Wilson of Rob spy • believes the author of the lab: A research lab should be the center of academia and international culture, the particle physics establishment of the appearance of building beauty and in-house and same beauty is attracting physicist deeply people.
The house that can dance
Czech capital Prague most get dispute hind one of contemporary structuralism buildings, be located at Wo Erda made of baked clay riverside. Built division Frank • by the United States 1992 with Czech architect collaboration designs Miluniji in case, finished 1995.
House modelling is full of a curve metrical, wan delays the double tower that turn round to resemble is two individual photographs embrace and dance, the “ female dance that because this is called,the house ”——— left that “ dances is vitreous antependium exterior person ” , go up narrow the appearance of next wide skirt resembling dance, right columned is “ male dance person ” , so somebody with Roger of famous • of Zhe Jinji of dance for two people Er general building names A Sitai of • of heart of Si Jifu thunder to be mixed for “ Jin Ji fred ” , two buildings resemble extremely the appearance of dancing of their dance movie.
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