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Environmental diplomacy card " climate is heated with rich nation responsibility

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Interest of case of Ma of chancellery of diplomacy of chairman of spell of U.N. Security Council, England is special · Beck chairs meeting of Security Council special subject last month especially, offer to change climate to try to discuss in Security Council as safe problem, the result suffers the opposition of great majority developing country. Environment of change of climate of whole world of keep within limits, protection is meddlesome originally, but British this action is “ has ulterior motives ” , be about to borrow problem of global climate change to hit ” of card of “ environment diplomacy, apply to the developing country pressure, and forgot to ask duty the biggest cause trouble of problem of global climate change person -- the wealthy country that includes England inside people.

Climate changes, basically show climate is heated at present. Change of the climate between U.N. government is special the report of committee points out, climate of 50 years of whole worlds is heated in the past the greenhouse gas that fuel of use fossil of the possibility of more than 90 % and mankind produces increases about. So is this 90 % basically with what national behavior is concerned? Without doubt, the large family that is fossil specific fuel consumption -- industrial developed country.

In fact, begin from 18 century Industrial Revolution, western country accumulates an a large number of wealth for cost with respect to the environmental resource that shares with sacrificial mankind. Climate of whole world of keep within limits is accordingly heated " convention of frame of U.N. climate change " stipulated “ is collective but distinguishing ” principle, meaning namely world each country has joint responsibility to global climate, dan Fuguo assumes main responsibility. The common people of rich nation also has deep knowledge to this, gather together to be applied to the government into powerful the will of the people pressure, demand government adopts an emergency measures, climate of whole world of keep within limits is heated impetus.

However, what claim to take popular wishes seriously all along is certain rich nation ignores popular will however, assuming global climate dispute over trifles each other on calefacient liability issue. The United States is greenhouse gas discharges the biggest country, stem from expedience, reject to carry out those who aim to reduce greenhouse gas to discharge all the time " Kyoto protocol " , destroy to climate of whole world of each country keep within limits tries hard calefaciently to cause. Because the United States carried this bad head, other country is imitated, the country such as Australia all the time free is in " Kyoto protocol " besides. " Kyoto protocol " from sign 2005 become effective, 8 years are lain between full among. During this, rich nation people again and again argy-bargy, the specification wants his to assume responsibility to have many not easy!

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