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Testing system of dust of new clothes of ironworks of culmination iron and steel

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A few days ago, ironworks of culmination iron and steel 3 2 date, blast furnace are gas hop-pocket removes dust the investment of dust testing system that increases newly is used, generate electricity for TRT raised a more intuitionistic protection protective screen.
This year in March, ironworks put into production only the generation set of TRT of 3 blast furnace of half an year stops because of breakdown machine. Classics examination, it is gas dust content exorbitant the turbine engine that causes a dynamo Jing Xie wears away badly cause. For this, the ironworks draws a lesson in time, change to take blast furnace, insufficient to assisting equipment to take seriously wrong idea seriously only before, inspect TRT with the equipment with coequal and important blast furnace. Immediately, special to sit a meeting discusses the ironworks how to reduce the gas dust concentration that enters TRT turbine plane further, organize personnel to inspect study home TRT to defend better steely company. Final decision detects two sets now one increases to detect again on the foundation of equipment equipment, remove dust in 18 of 3 2 date, blast furnace gas hop-pocket namely cylindrical shell exit, every place installs a dust to detect probe, online detect the gas dust content that every cylindrical shell exports, will detect signal collect sends gas hop-pocket to remove dust advocate accuse room, through special indication screen uses histogram to show. Begin from October 1, the ironworks falls in the situation that does not affect blast furnace to be produced normally, cooperate one by one to install dust to detect to cylindrical shell by manufacturer probe. To on October 20, this system is installed and overall investment is used.
Current, hop-pocket removes dust advocate accuse the room is OK the dust content case that sees every cylindrical shell is exported clearly, add left-hand seat labour detects and dust of TRT entrance manager detects, share 3 col hour to master the dust concentration that enters TRT turbine, ensure the moving safety of TRT, ensured the promotion of benefit.