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4 Jiao Lu pass Xuan Gang coking plant guild is fancy furnace appraisal

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Came 9 days on November 8, ying Xuangang applies for, group of assess of anxious furnace of guild of Chinese coking plant had fancy Jiaolu identification to Jiao Lu of Xuan Gang 1#—4# . Assess group includes guild secretary-general Yang Wenbiao, Dai Zhanliang, Feng Hengfu deputy secretary-general and Tang Gang, stone anxious, north anxious, Tang Shanjia China wait for brotherly unit in all 10 experts.
Participating in fancy furnace appraisal is Xuan Gang to improve Jiao Lu level of management, the high yield that assures Jiao Lu, high grade, macrobian and a when adopt significant move. Came to factory of announce steel cooking two years do a large number of meticulous and significant works to receive fancy furnace appraisal, gave arduous work. This the appraisal of guild is factories of pair of announce steel cooking concentration that in recent years Jiao Lu government works examines, also be precious opportunity when the directive and hand-in-hand travel that accepts guild and expert communicates face-to-face, more be expert at the company is shown inside course of study a chance of good figure. In appraisal of two days, guild expert listened to factory of announce steel cooking to file the report material of fancy Jiao Lu above all, had fancy furnace identification to 4 Jiao Lu respectively subsequently, gave very high opinion, think level of management of announce steel Jiao Lu is high consistently, situation of body of heater is whole, fundamental work is steady, maintained the advanced level of course of study of person of the same trade, conclude each index and general management level accord with Jiao Lu of Xuan Gang 1#—4# guild " standard of fancy furnace appraisal " requirement, passed fancy furnace appraisal. Manage the communication that had openness with respect to Jiao Lu with chief of leader of factory of announce steel cooking, branch, to factory of announce steel cooking the job henceforth offerred critical proposal.