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The environment that minatory mankind lives pollutes a problem

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The contaminant that place of activity of soil contamination mankind produces enters soil and accumulate certain level, can cause edaphic quality aggravation, influence floral grows, and be passed likely enter food chain, produce rich market effect, affect the normal life of person and animal. Soil contamination owner should come from litter of industrial waste water, solid, pesticide, chemical fertilizer, domestic animals body of incomplete of fecal, biology, sewage and air sedimentation content.

White pollutes the development as plastic industry, people uses plastic product in great quantities. Plastic litter is in the degradation rate in nature is extremely slow, according to scientific estimation, plastic complete degradation needs 500 years about. The plastic waste material that a large number of discarding can cause serious pollution to the environment.

Food pollutes the incident that in recent years food pollutes to appear ceaselessly. The chicken that ever appeared like Belgium pollutes incident, in eating feed as a result of chicken namely, contain 2 evil flower carcinogen and the food pollution that cause, food pollutes the mad ox disease that England ever appeared, the pollution of swine fever food that Taiwan, Korea ever appeared, the person ate the food of bacterium of these in spite of illness or carcinogen, can affect human body health.

2, the harm that pollution brings

Acid rain acid rain is the SO2 in air and NO, actinic oxidation undertakes below strong smooth illuminate, medium lunt is united in wedlock and become with air, the acid that contains in acid rain basically is H2SO4 and HNO3. Normal rainfall, because dissolve has CO3, be small acidity, PH value is 5.5 ~ about 5.8. If the PH of rainwater is worth,be less than 5.5, call acid rain, the PH value of general acid rain is 4 ~ 4.5, can fall now and then to 2.4. Acid rain is very big to moving floral to poison, it can make the survival rate of the gemmiparous rate of plant seed and seedling is reduced, affect the efficiency of photosynthesis, reduce edaphic fertility, cause forest wither death, crop reduction in production. Acid rain can make laky PH value falls, when laky PH the value falls to 5 the following when, roe constant cannot hatch, although hatch is skeletal,often also misshape.

The destruction of ozonosphere is in the ozone in close ground air is a kind of contaminant, opposite content has harm effect, but the upside in aerosphere, be located in earthly surface the air of 40 kilometre of 25 ~ a covering layer that the ozone in shedding a layer is the earth, the ultraviolet ray that can stop excessive reachs the floor. Ultraviolet radiant energy is absorbed by protein and nucleic acid, destroy its chemical bond, because this opposite content has huge power, still can cause gene mutation. Ultraviolet ray facilitates the existence of ozonosphere, ultraviolet ray can make fission of element of a few oxygen becomes the oxygen atom of free, combine ozone with element of another some of oxygen (O3) , ultraviolet ray also can make ozone fission becomes oxygen, care to shed a layer, oxygen and ozone poise. But in recent years, human activity is destroying this kind of equilibrium gradually, make ozonic decomposes a process to be more than synthetic process. The ozone content in ozonosphere is in drop off, human activity causes its cause, basically be hydrocarbon of acting alkyl of the alkyl hydrocarbon that the mankind discharges in manufacturing an activity, bittern that contain bromine, still have the clear lotion that uses at component of refrigerator, freezer, advanced electron and the Freon that make a rocket shoot an agent in aerosol canister. These material diffuse in advection layer, cent explanation gives off chloric atom, a chloric nuclear energy decomposes several ozone element, broke ozonic nature to balance consequently. Additionally tail gas of supersonic speed plane, car and nitrogenous fertilizer produce medium azotic oxidation to add up to content to also can decompose ozone.
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