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The environment that minatory mankind lives pollutes a problem

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The contaminative toxicant of toxic substance is to show pair of natural ecosystem and human health have the material that poisons action character, discharge an environment in and cause a harm, these material are the child in social production and lifecycle, be like industrial “ material of chemical fertilizer of 3 useless ” , pesticide, radioactivity. In industrial production process, the waste residue that did not add processing and discharges, waste gas and liquid waste polluted an environment. Discharge “ 3 useless ” are the most serious is chemical industry, metallurgy and the branch such as a few light industry. The water Yu that happens in Japan (Yd) is ill, it is a factory emits into the waste water that contains mercury, waste residue water Yu bay, mercury enters piscine shrimp system along with food chain inside, what cat, avian animal and person cause methylic mercury because of having piscine shrimp is chronic and toxic, consequently go to the bad. Began to discover this is ill 1953, coma of patient hands or feet, hearing loss, motion is maladjusted, serious when assume insane position, till die, person water Yu is ill.

People is mixed for plant diseases and insect pests of prevention and cure eliminate fireweed, apply insecticide and herbicide extensively on agricultural production, use chemical fertilizer to enhance edaphic fertility in great quantities again at the same time, this can achieve the goal of contented and current interest below certain condition, but from the point of long-term interests, bring a harm to him mankind however. What be a delegate with DDT is organic chloric kind of pesticide, its characteristic is chemical function stability, yi Rong at adipose, difficult decompose and rudimental sex is strong, DDT is effective insecticide, during the Second World War, strap an invention by Swedish scholar division, huge effect was produced in the respect such as conquer potato beetle, mosquito, flea, because this is in,won nobel prize gold 1944. But those who have acid interest is, DDT had been become in a lot of countries now ban articles for use, our country rose to already also was banned 1982 with.

Because the chemistry of DDT and adipose photograph are similar, accumulate very easily consequently within organism. Be in especially water area, DDT adopts food chain and chase class rich market, and decompose slow, often can accumulate the degree of harm. If the United States grows region of insular seaside salina, come for years gush scatters DDT in order to destroy midge, the incomplete allowance of the DDT inside aquatic body chases class to rise, till body of piscivorous herring gull inside cross 75.5ppm high already. According to adipose to each continent human body sampling analysis, discover human body is adipose in the organization contain DDT generally already, if the Englishman is adipose medium DDT is 2.2ppm, germany is factitious 2.3ppm, the French is 5.2ppm, american is 11ppm, canadian is 5.3ppm, the basis investigates discovery to our country each district, in each in big city, inside human body adipose in also have DDT of different pH indicator.
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