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Peak of big city climate can think to solve climate problem no time to delay

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New York of Xinhua News Agency on May 15 report (Wang Yan of reporter plum Bo Chengang is red) the representing that attend peak of climate of big city of the 2nd whole world to meet express 15 days, the whole world is calefacient already was accomplished fact, its influence is returned a few years in future will continue, the whole world each are big the city must be adopted instantly answer measure.

Bulongbaige of new York mayor says in the speech, this new York peak can be “ historic ” peak is met, from 2005 peak of climate of big city of first whole world can be in since London is held, the understanding with calefacient to climate whole world already produced tremendous change. We already reached “ consensus, climate is heated already became a fact, regard the world as the citizen, for antagonism whole world calefacient, we must fight side-by-side. ”

As Amphitryon, bulongbaige still introduced the ” of “ green new York of Newyork city to plan to guest. A few days ago, bulongbaige put forward to involve the draft resolution of 127 environmental protection of 10 domain, include to have the support, environmental protection level that raises a building to energy-saving project among them, develop public traffic to wait energetically, with period the goal that achieves whole 2030 town to decrease a gas of 30 % greenhouse. Among them, dispute is bigger is the draft resolution that car of flourishing to entering Manhadu a sector of an area collects traffic to have a cost. If this one draft resolution obtains parliament of new York city to pass, newyork city will become the 4th when this step takes after afterwards London, Singapore, Stockholm big city.

The London mayor Livingstone that attend the meeting goes out in speech middle finger, solve climate heated issue, the key of success or failure depends on a city. He says, attend the meeting this the city increases from 18 of congress of previous term or session 40 many, show each big city leader takes an active part in the desire with control calefacient whole world. If each big city combination acts, we are reducing “ greenhouse gas discharges a respect to obtain greater progress ” .

Peak of climate of big city of the 2nd whole world meets by a definite date 14 days kick off, the agreement of 46 big cities represents the whole world 250 times attend the meeting. According to the data that the peak meets an organizer announce, the sources of energy that global big city wastes occupies 75 % of the whole world, greenhouse gas discharge capacity occupies the 80 % of the world.