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Steel structure residence: "Trend of " of room of sheet steel bone actors or act

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Pool of new season square night should become reality, 5 days had built a house! Construction suffers dust and the worry that build rubbish, noise and seasonal effect no longer, shortened greatly make cycle and capital holding time, because residence of this steel structure is known as " the 4th times residential revolution " .
At present our country rolled out " of room of sheet steel bone of " of building of house of a kind of new idea, namely the residence build process and craft to prep according to assemble a machine, assembly that assemble a car or is the product such as TV, computer process, and main part is ” of “ sheet steel bone, other component and spare parts also can specialization, standardization production. The assembly of " of room of sheet steel bone of this kind of " speed makes a person mysterious- - 5 days had built a house! From this, some experts are bold forecast, this kind of steel structure residence that takes from factory automation line will be the way that prospective China house develops.
The current head arms that group of Beijing some building materials regards residential property as new trend, had begun to roll out room of sheet steel bone to the market. As a result of need not clay, use lumber is little also, have environmental protection, structure consequently light, fight a typhoon, fight a series of advantages such as the earthquake. As to core material, those who use is armor plate of galvanization of the C that ply is 2 millimeter high strenth. Bone room still has sheet steel to not be afraid of corrode, do not be afraid of termite, 6 % go to the building tower above that the scale of floor area and usable floor area should build than using tile 8 % , building life is longer (can amount to 9 0 year above) , room span is bigger (can amount to 72 meters of) most.
Have tremendous business chance, can have many enterprise follow-up. Boreal bubble has the manufacturing experience of light metal goods early. Saddle hill steelworks is one of enterprises with industrialization earlier action, had built our country's biggest H section product line. Those who make product line of building of structure of the first metal of Chinese is boreal new building materials, built " north new sheet steel " of bone house system. Still have a few companies, beijing lives steelworks of overgrown with weeds of total, Lai and Benxi steelworks are in hard through setting an example the project shares more cake. The arrival of upsurge of construction of steel structure house has been sooner or later thing.
Whether is steel structure residence met predominate? Assistant dean of designing institute of inland trade project, world-famous building designs rich of normal school book to think, steel structure structure is popular, depend on the element of many sided, the choice of unit of construction of the technical feasibility problem that has a design, Party A, habit and preference, cost and function compare the element that waits for many sided.
Di Jiang of dean of trade project designing institute faces the nation think, the project requirement of steel structure residence and steel structure building are not identical, from design, structure choice, select material, construction, inspect manages and check and accept consumer to buy a house, each link especially the respect such as crucial link and capital efficiency, have distinct effect to its are applied and developing a tendency.
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