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Innovation of science and technology maintains back of Olympic Games project

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2008 in project of Beijing Olympic Games, innovation of science and technology highlights its vast power and effect everywhere. The project of group of Beijing city building that undertakes gymnasium of 5 village of stadium of national gymnasium, country, Olympic Games, pines to wait for project of 7 Olympic Gameses always contracts the ministry relies on innovation of science and technology and science and technology to tackle key problem, maintain the back of Olympic Games project. Here, technical personnel also the compose of intelligence an wisdom with oneself the gallant new page of project of an Olympic Games.
Science and technology creates a miracle
Of the Olympic Games advocate stadium of country of assembly room ———— (bird's nest) , wear by 24 Pin Men Shiheng around move area of bleachers of shape of stadium interior bowl rotates and become, structural science is concise, the design is novel and unique, it is current international go up of extremely rich characteristic giant building, house lid shows its steel structure hyperboloid saddle, the thing grows 298 rice, north and south grows 333 meters, brim is as high as 68.5 meters, total floor area makes an appointment with 258 thousand square metre. Program of design of ” of “ bird's nest is thought by experts “ alive bound is built the meaning ” that initiates a gender is had on design history, also be the unique structure on the world, apply new science and technology, new technology, new technology to solve construction difficult problem, in national stadium project everywhere is seen. Humeral ministry design is national stadium steel structure crankle component, this kind of design is in the world there is precedent on building history. The person of Beijing city building that dares to gnaw hard bone again raise the sail that science and technology tackles key problem, technical personnel spreads out innovation of science and technology and technology to tackle key problem in the light of this one problem, final, in the design the unit is mixed Bao Gang, head the home such as steel, saddle steel, Wu Gang and dance steel of 7 steely factories give full cooperation below, the test that passes nearly 100 times, calculate, test, successfully make friends went out to accord with construction requirement, complete by the rolled steel of Q460 high strenth of our country own research and development. The development of this one new achievement applies, satisfied the need of project not only, for ” of “ bird's nest construction won time, also fill the blank of domain of this our country technology. The welding line overall length that rolled steel of ” of “ bird's nest solders amounts to many meters 30, among them the spot solders welding line is as long as many meters 60 thousand. Press demand of time limit for a project, rolled steel of close half spot solders should undertake in winter. The air temperature outdoor often is in Beijing hiemal 0 Celsius are the following, and solder to ask the “ in 0 Celsius above is undertaking below lukewarm ” condition commonly. Face this one difficult problem, technical personnel spreads out “ quickly to lose lukewarm solder technical research ” , develop a technical parameter that undertakes soldering under 0 Celsius, solve winter to lose lukewarm soldering difficult problem. The settlement of this one problem, effectively made sure the project solders quality, lay next solid foundations to build high-quality goods project.
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