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A week of price of Dalian rolled steel is commented

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Dalian dispatch: This week (3.24-3.28) Dalian steel city is firm in climb somewhat litre, among them building materials, profile and hot-rolling market all begin small to rebound, cold rolling and of short duration of medium plate market do not have apparent wave motion, whole, market situation takes a favourable turn somewhat, the buildup that steelworks bottom props up, its are specific the situation is as follows:
Building materials respect: Price of wire of market of Dalian building steel products maintains value of steel of stability, whorl is little to go up raise. Line of steel 6.5mm general is opened on the market now sale price is in 5010 yuan / ton, connect price of tall line of 6.5mm of stage of steel, north, Xi Lin to be 5050 yuan / ton, the price is stable. Whorl steel respect; 12 - price of 14mm whorl steel is 5020 yuan / ton, xi Gang, Ling Gang, tell station of steel, north 16 - price of 25mm whorl steel is 4910 yuan / ton, 28 - price of 32mm whorl steel is 5020 yuan / ton, the price rises 60 - 70 yuan / ton. The businessman feedbacks, resource of low of near future market decreases in succession, clinch a deal although the quantity is not very big, but partial trafficker thinks building materials price still has later period this locality to rise certainly of the space, pull at present rise in price the enthusiasm of case is taller. As we have learned, wait-and-see psychology hasten decreases current businessman, the market trades atmosphere is relatively dynamic.