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Partial product moved Sha Gang on November 11 price information

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On November 11, sha Gang comes on stage November policy of value of product of part of the middle ten days of a month, be being adjusted this is with what value policy undertook for the foundation on November 1, main breed carries out valence to be as follows:
1, 70 yuan are moved on tall line price / ton, show Φ6.5mmQ235 tall line to implement price 4150 yuan / ton;
2, 160 yuan are moved on whorl steel price / ton, show Φ14-25mmHRB335 whorl steel to implement price 4220 yuan / ton;
3, 80 yuan are moved on 1008 prices / ton, 130 yuan are moved on welding wire price / ton, other actor line kind 30 yuan are moved on product value / ton, show Φ6.5mm45-70# hard line to implement price 4230 yuan / ton;
4, grail coils 130 yuan are moved on the price / ton;
Above is adjusted all be the price that contain tax, executive date rises from November 11, 2007.