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A week of price of saddle hill rolled steel is commented

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Saddle hill dispatch: General interest of this market of rolled steel of week saddle hill goes firm, coil except heat the market is climbed outside rising, other breed material all is held firm move, because demand is flat, the market is wait-and-see atmosphere is relatively grumous, particular case is as follows:
Building materials respect: Saddle hill market builds rolled steel price to keep stable, show steel of the saddle on the market sale price is in 6.5 tall lines 5080 yuan / ton, sale price is in tall line of boreal stage 8mm 5080 yuan / ton, stage of Ling Gang, north produces sale price of 12mm small whorl to be in 5050 yuan / ton, stroke steel Ling Gang, newly to produce 16 - 25mm whorl sale price is 4930 yuan respectively / ton, the price and keep balance last week. Whole of market of building materials of near future home still is to go up drop errant, continue to manage the situation that adjusts in concussion, make this locality market wait-and-see state of mind is relatively grumous also, policy of steelworks of together with dominant is had no Anacreontic, under the circumstance that in Shang Moli fraud element stimulates apparently, market quoted price goes basically firm; Nevertheless nearby day clinchs a deal in light of the state, the businessman mirrors shipment circumstance to improve somewhat, because inventory pressure is not great, be in consequently short-term inside below the condition that the market still arrives without batch, do not eliminate market of this locality building materials is small to play the possibility that go up.