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Partial product moved Henan aid source on November 12 price information

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On November 12, henan aid source is steely (group) limited company moved value basis to go up on November 9, undertake adjustment to the following breed:
1, great ability kind: 30 yuan are moved on steel of whorl of 2 class, 3 class / ton, 30 yuan are moved on round steel of Q235 general carbon / ton. Show steel of Φ18-25mm HRB335 whorl to leave factory hang list price to be 4160 yuan / ton. Steel of Φ18-25mm HRB400 whorl leaves factory hang list price to be 4280 yuan / ton.
2, wire kind: Low carbon moves 30 yuan on tall line series / ton, dish 60 yuan are moved on snail / ton.
Above all is the price that contain tax, carry out since November 12, 2007.