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A week of price of Lanzhou rolled steel is commented

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Price of each big steels variety takes this week Lanzhou market situation all appear to go up small raise posture. As this locality market of downstream demand start gradually, rolled steel resource also begins slow use up, but steelworks respect is produced still can not develop minute of to the limit of one's capacity, because this market whole walks along situation look forward to firm pick up. Each great variety price goes situation is particular as follows: Build rolled steel aspect: As a result of this locality market steelworks of two big dominant go up once more move the price drive, market quoted price begins to climb litre. End to Zhou Wu, price of line of general of Φ6.5mm-10.0mm of on the market 8 steel is 4780 yuan / ton; Price of main trend of market of Φ6.5mm-10.0mm tall line 4850 yuan / ton. 8 steel, wine steel produces market of HRB335Φ12mm-14mm whorl steel to register list price case 5100 yuan / ton; Price of main trend of market of steel of Φ16-25mm big whorl is 4830 yuan / ton. This week, company of company of wine steel Lanzhou, 8 steel northwest publishs newest value policy respectively, big whorl steel leaves factory before wine steel square appearance hang list price case to be 4950 yuan / ton; At present producer price is 8 steel 4960 yuan / ton. In policy of two old steel mill strong drive, market dealer quote rises in succession. Become friendship condition to look from current market, because early days natural resources is ample, and cost price is relatively inferior, accordingly low of a few businessman clinchs a deal passable, and downstream user is spent to the acceptance of costly resource not tall still, clinch a deal accordingly general. At present inventory of Lanzhou market building materials is in slow use up in, and arrive newly as a result of steelworks natural resources is limited, because this whole inventory is reduced small somewhat, agency continues to maintain careful and wait-and-see attitude to later period market.