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Color steel roof construction house fire

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Yesterday morning, West Gate Road, Haidian District, a building under construction in the top of the color plate room fire, no casualties. Fire those initial judgments may be the cause of the fire caused by workers cutting sparks. According to witnesses, Mr. Yao said that 9 o'clock yesterday morning, near the West Gate South College Road emerge smoke, six fire engines have rushed. More than 10 am, the fire has been extinguished. Fire Department to a brick building Xiaoxitian color plate affixed to the top room, color plate housing has not collapsed, surrounded by the color plate is still well preserved, and the top of the color plate is charred black. Nearby residents said, the building was under construction, a rental housing, the House has been basically completed and put on the aluminum windows, roof seal the color plate in the room is still under construction. A construction site workers squatted at the foot of the wall outside the building, the face has been blackened. The workers said that in the morning under construction when he suddenly found that color plate is hot, "should be two layers of foam sheet in the folder of the." Field workers connected to the water, like fire itself, but still can not find the ignition point. "Then from the fire, smoke more and more room." The workers say that the scene after smoke emerge, construction workers flee, causing no casualties. Even the landlord said that normally live around there, before the news of the morning fire that rushed over. Firefighters said that fire may be the color plate housing for workers to use the machine caused by sparks generated when cutting. Interpretation Color steel "core" combustible Easy to say when the fire ignited toxic gases Recently, color steel house fire often found in the media news. The evening of November 29, Chaoyang District, sand village for rural Laiguangying, a clothing factory in the color plate Warehouse fire; Dec. 1 at noon, Wang Ying Xiang, Chaoyang District, site of a 3-layer color plate housing dormitory fire; 12 the afternoon of 2 March, Pei Village, Chaoyang District, Beijing Jinzhan steel market through the south gate, a row of the color plate housing built before the fire. Introduction of a fire, color plate housing, low cost, build speed, mostly for construction site accommodation, storage and other temporary buildings, but there is a big fire hazard, including color plates of the "core" is the culprit. The firefighters said the two plates in color plates, polystyrene foam insulation sandwiched materials, slightly higher than wood burning, are combustible materials, once ignited, will burn rapidly, and easy to collapse, prone to toxic gases . Construction process, because color plates are mostly Dianqi Han room fire, cutting and other operations sparks, ignition sandwich. After the completion of the color plate house fire, it is because of heat or fire surrounded by conduction to the sandwich plate, such as aging or using high-power electrical wires.