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Technical specification of dangerous chemical safety writes a regulation 2

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3. 6 the six ministries in feudal China divides preventive measure

Precaution and the measure that defend poison is endangered to human body, include: Project control, respiratory system defends, the eye defends, the hand defends, other defend requirement.

3. 7 the 7th part is packed with store carry

Dangerous chemical is packed, store carriage method and requirement, include: The method that pack, category that pack, mark that pack, store carry note.

3. Buy of leak of discharge of 8 the 8th part and deserted

The lash-up step with simple and significant adoptable of the spot after dangerous chemical leak and note, reach chemical to discard finally the method that deal with, include: Leak is in buy method, deserted method.

4 write and use a requirement

4. 1 write a requirement

The text of safe technical specification should use forthright, clear, straightaway character to state, digital data wants accurate and reliable, the system is comprehensive. The content of the manual, calculate from this register day of dangerous chemical case, update 5 every years, want data of ceaseless and additional information at ordinary times, if discover new risk is characteristic, inside the half an year after concerned information sends abundant, manufacturing unit must undertake editing to the content of the manual.

4. 2 sort

The category of the dangerous chemical that sets by GB13690—92 and do not reach concerned ration to be worth, use one thing of “ one book / means is written, the manual of congener content, homologue cannot be replaced each other; Mixture should fill in main and harmful composition and content, data should be actual measurement value, cannot use computative value, should state integratedly its advocate, second harm sex and emergency treatment, preventive measure.

4. 3 application

Safe technical specification compiles and print by the enterprise of chemical of danger of production, distribute, the user is provided when consign commodity, along with commodity in the market current.

4. The dependability of 4 data

The numerical value inside safe technical specification and data want accurate and reliable, the professional security that provincial above should seek advice from when filling in is wholesome and technical orgnaization, or guard a pass by this orgnaization examine and verify, approval is rear can compile and print. Appendix A (standard appendix)