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National house adornment decorates engineering construction standard (14)

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14. ground shop fits a project

14.1 general provisions

14.1.1 Zhang Kuo include man-made stone capable person with Yu Shi material) , floor of ground brick, real wood, bamboo floor, solid Mu Fu adds up to floor, aggrandizement the shop of the ground facing of the material such as compound floor, carpet sticks installation engineering construction.

Fitting of costume of 14.1.2 grounds shop carries focus of day of Cheng Jin of plasterer of project, metope on the head in ground take cover engineering, condole:

•Home of carpentry detail relation installs project success or failure
•Be vividly portrayed of company of south of Chinese building materials
•International lives assist building of attention China green
•Jiangxi of fight in some places one by one of Fosan contented look forward to produces a division

Finish and check and accept junior travel. The strength with 14.1.3 grounds due and enough facing, its surface quality should accord with the concerned regulation with active standard, normative country.

Design of outfit of 14.1.4 grounds shop and fixed method should accord with design requirement.

Material of 14.1.5 natural stone should adopt preventive measure before the shop is installed, prevent occurrence blemish, flood alkaline wait for a phenomenon.

Appropriate of temperature of environment of site of construction of 14.1.6 wet exercise is in 5 ℃ above.

Quality of 14.2 main material asks

The breed of material of outfit of 14.2.1 grounds shop, norms, color accord with a design to ask equably and due product certificate of conformity.

The place when 14.2.2 grounds shop is installed uses the moisture content of the timber such as floor of keel, stow-wood, wool, with·Net of Chinese building materials - building materials was connected·Rank 3 armour, turn up one's nose at person of the same trade
·Website of enterprise of outstanding building materials is exhibited sow·The deal on the net connects IM with building materials

Reach processing of anticorrosive, moth-proofing, fire prevention to wait to all should accord with the concerned regulation with active standard, normative country.

14.3 construction want a place

Shop of brick of 14.3.1 stone material, ground sticks should accord with following regulation:

Before shop of brick of ① stone material, ground is stuck, answer soggy and wet. Before shop of natural stone material is stuck, should undertake is opposite color, spell a flower and try go all out, number.

Before ② shop is stuck, should ask to combine layer mortar ply certainly according to the design, pull reticle to control flatness of surface of brick of its ply and stone material, ground.

③ combines layer mortar appropriate to use bulk comparing to be 1:3mortar of dry rigid cement, fact of ply appropriate tower above spreads ply 2 ~ 3rnm. Before the shop sticks, a water ash should brush to compare on cement mortar for 1: , the element grout of 2 or dry shop cement the aspersion after 1 ~ 2mm.
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