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Chinese economy is being entered good the orbit of rapid development

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5 years of in the past, it is career of Chinese characteristic socialism 5 years when develop flourishingly. In international environment complex and changeful with home reform develops the circumstance with arduous and onerous task to fall, chinese reforming and opening and modernization are solid advance, gained the brilliant success that attract worldwide attention.
—— economy actual strength jumps new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. Economic gross expands significantly. 2007, gross domestic product achieves 24.66 trillion yuan, grow 65.5% than 2002, year all grow 10.6% , from the world the 6th rises the 4th. The quality of growth and benefit rise ceaselessly. Company profit in successive years increases considerably, profit of company of dimensions above industry year all add fast more than 30% . Finance income achieves 5.13 trillion yuan, grow 1.7 times. Infrastructure is improved apparently. Increase chance of electric power outfit newly 5 years 350 million kilowatt, was 1950 to 2002 summation of 53 years; Add highway newly 192 thousand kilometer, among them freeway 28 thousand kilometer; Add course of development of railroad battalion use newly 6100 kilometers; Build berth of above of 10 thousand tons of class 568.
—— industry structural adjustment gains new headway. Agricultural base consolidates further. Commissariat is successive 4 years of increase production, achieved 501.5 million tons 2007, increase 44.44 million tons than 2002. Industrial structure is accelerated upgrade. The proportion that hi-tech industry increases a value to occupy GDP was achieved 2007 7.8% , increase 2.2 percent than 2002. Washed out a batch not to accord with safe production, environmental protection lawfully condition or those who play havoc with resource is backward produce can. Service line of business grows steadily. 5 all grow more than 10% year after year, contemporary service line of business appears to develop momentum quickly.
—— energy-saving environmental protection strides new step. 2007, specific power consumption of unit gross domestic product is on the base that reduced 2006, decreased successively again 3.27% ; Discharge capacity of 2 oxidation sulfur, chemical oxygen demand appears first in recent years “ double drop ” . Environmental protection and zoology construction strength are increased. Since 2003, the whole nation is retreated return n cultivated land forest, afforestation gross area is close 32 million hectare, retreat herd to return grass 34.6 million hectare. Project of to decoke of coal fired power plant gains revolutionary headway, again group of electric machinery of fire of 110 million kilowatt installed desulphurization establishment 2007, accumulative total already exceeded 50% of gross of machine of outfit of all fire report. Released " China answers plan of climate change state " .
—— area evolution appears new structure. Area infrastructure and zoology environment are built western obtain apparent progress, key area and characteristic advantage industry accelerate development. Construction of large commissariat base strengthens northeast area ceaselessly, great technology equipment is homebred turn result remarkable, transition of resource city economy is pilot go well. Progress of mid region economy is accelerated, contemporary agriculture especially commissariat advocate place yield a division is increasingly prominent, the advantage estate development such as raw material of the sources of energy expands, city group radiation drives action to increase apparently. Area of the eastpart part grows means, attune in change warping aid structure, drive respect of extroversion of system reform, development economy to continue.
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