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Building materials of golden border green " rich colour " the meeting that build

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Energy-saving, green, environmental protection, these words in the past in two years extremely red temporarily, nowadays, the word that ” of “ happy house became a concentrate on the main points, became a kind of people to heat up the new concept that discuss. The 13rd China International that kicked off on March 26 builds fair of building materials trade to go up, ginseng postpone business people make all over “ of art old show is special ” product, group of corner resembling gold such, have 10 several strong child the brand is prop up, the “ big wrist that forms group of green building materials ” , deliver give a such information: Environment of ” of “ happy house is closer and closer from ordinary common people.

On March 26, ” of fair of trade of building materials of building of “ China International is in by a definite date Beijing exhibition pulls open heavy curtain. Should exhibit can hold 12 successfully already, the building materials that already became northern region to have force most at present is exhibited meeting, also be Beijing building materials of the only in exhibiting internationally building materials is exhibited greatly. Can sponsor a chief introduction according to exhibiting, exhibiting the can most outstanding subject this still is energy-saving, green, environmental protection, this makes Jin Yu, north new wait for the big company feel just like a fish in water that collectivize runs.

In exhibit meeting site to see, the enterprise of many 500 building materials that comes from the 30 many countries such as China, United States, England, Italy, Spain, Korea, polish, Japan and area gathers Beijing exhibition, many enterprises borrow this to promote the green product of foremost edge to the front of the stage, and the golden corner group that offerred 26 kinds of products for Olympic Games place and project of form a complete set is to exhibit the largest window of the meeting.

Decorate with what all previous ginseng exhibits different, this second exhibit meeting gold border to will exhibit cent of division into districts be material of hardware of window of floor of integrated, furniture, door, project 4 area. Among them, reside hardware of window of a furniture floor closely related the life, door with common people board piece grab an eye all the more, what reveal because of here is consumer familiar to the ear can the old brand of detailed: TOTO, division is strapped, boreal wood waits love Le Wu, Sen De, Jin Yu a moment, and the furniture of the Temple of Heaven of old brand is the capital of “ the Temple of Heaven that shows person —— red with new LOGO first tastes ” more marked, air, this will be become henceforth the unified market image of furniture of the Temple of Heaven. According to golden corner group annals of ministry minister Huangjia introduces manufacturing industry of new-style building materials, furniture of the Temple of Heaven provides a field in office home long negative great reputation, begin from this year, furniture of the Temple of Heaven exert oneself construction civilian tastes market network, the new fashionable and popular furniture that reveals this centrally is wide suffer reputably.
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