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Rural house industrialization awaits dawn

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It is at the same time begin from 2003, brick of clay of sincere of countrywide large-scale taboo, it is rural lid house however at the same time besides clay brick, usable without new material. According to statistic, current, the gross of countrywide urban and rural residence is thirty billion six hundred and sixty-two million square metre, among them, rural house occupies 78.l% . As the progress that agriculture produces, of the improvement of agricultural construction and support agriculture policy fulfil, farmer income year after year increases, the grow in quantity of rural house year after year that build and rebuilds, come nearly 10 years, the rural house that builds every year is 600 million ~ 700 million square metre, occupy the whole nation to build the half above of residential gross. Measure the edifice with vast bedding face, continueing thousands of years all the time however make way, the ceaseless emerge in large numbers of new technology, new material, forgot this rural big market it seems that.

Data business: Had not considered a country temporarily

Where is the material of new-style wall body that applies to rural housing construction? Building of the intelligence of the 3rd international that building an organization, green and building are energy-saving on congress and new technology and product exposition, the reporter exhibited the company of data of new-style wall body of the meeting technically to undertake investigating to attending. Attend exhibit the company of data of new-style wall body of the meeting to reach tens of homes, but major company thinks, rural market is immature still, take no account of the promotion that is in a country first temporarily; Also the enterprise thinks the country is very potential market, but the project that has not used in the country at present.

Farmer: The price that bears not to rise sees the money that does not wear

Farmer why need not new material, enjoy the new living life that new technology brings? In a village of Beijing suburb, the reporter sees had had 45 farmer at least turn over the sign that builds housing, equipment is good outside the courtyard tile timber, among them one has begun construction. These a few farmer, the should build a tradition red brick house that does not have one exception. The reporter asks about a farmer why need not new material when, farmer very ask questioningly: Why should “ use new data, does rural where have new material? Everybody is such lid houses, live quite well also! ” reporter immediately visited the building materials shop of local rural area, of the sale basic it is to decorate with material. The country builds the tile that the room uses, be in place the sale on a special market, a few four-wheel and agricultural the sincere red brick that the car is drawing clay fire awaits buyer, and accord with “ the new-style building materials that 4 ” ask, see inaccessibly however. The building craftsman introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad master that the reporter asked a place to have name very much, he should guide construction team every year to build the house of tens of home farmer, according to his computation, rural house, cost of every square metre also goes to 800 yuan with respect to 500 yuan, and the stuff of body of most and new-style wall that the reporter knows, every build the cost of square metre, want amount to to arrive 1000 yuan of above are taller even.
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