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Metal of Chengdu of the 6th 2008 China and metallurgical industry are exhibited

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Origanization construction
Sponsor an unit: Sichuan saves Economic Commission  
Sichuan saves machinist Cheng to learn
Good rich can exhibit an orgnaization
Undertake unit: Sichuan saves machinist Cheng to learn
Sichuan good rich shows limited company
Support an unit: Sichuan saves arms industry society
Sichuan saves machinery to study a designing institute
Sichuan saves metallic society
Sichuan saves vacuum society
Sichuan saves machinist Cheng to learn v only appoint meeting
Cast only appoint meeting  
Material heat treatment only appoint meeting

Support media
" Chinese metallurgy " ,   " metallurgy information guides print " ,   " world metal gazette "
China combines net of business affairs of metal of gauze of steely net, combination, China
Net of Chinese steely industry, new steel net, big metallurgy net
Meaning amount to gauze of rolled steel website, miser net, Shanghai
Net of the domestic network of steel, metallurgy person of outstanding ability, steely 114 nets
Website of machinery of metallurgy of net of equipment of metallurgy of website of charging of Chinese rolled steel, China, China
Net of fittings of equipment of metallurgy of net of exhibition of Chinese gauze, metallurgy, China

Exhibition general situation
Metal and metallurgical industry are exhibited successive success of 5 years is held, established western provide consequence and ginseng to exhibit value to exhibit the foundation of the meeting most, got climbing steel group, Chuanweiji steely group of group, Nanjing, Sichuan bright amount to group, Xi Changxin group of iron and steel of steel industry, Chengdu, Great Wall is special Daiwei believes group of group of iron and steel of steel, Dazhou, 10 thousand suitable prosperous, Fosan, , got 85% firms approbate and praise.

About current exhibit meeting
Inside the Chengdu City the market advertises or billboard, placard poster; Shop sign of public transportation station chooses to advertise near the market undertake conduct propaganda.
Go up in a section of a highway of the highway that enters Chengdu, high speed or the position has billboard or ad near the entrance release.
In the 2 class market with provincial Sichuan (this world of De Yang, continous, kapok) wait for halfway city to visit advertisement to publicize.
Establish visiting ministry to undertake visiting the job: Disposal data library undertakes phone receipt invites, mail the job; The entrance ticket that make is sent inside each market.
Invite (… of car project society, spaceflight society) before waiting for unit of guild, academician, will look around.
Root establish at Chengdu, 4 years complete “ looks around / purchase business / nearly 100000 visiting business arrange ” of professional personage database, continue to undertake invitation constituent the work to new product requirement business along add. It is one of advantages that extend meeting success to hold.
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