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Tianjin Zhen Wei shows limited company

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Zhen Wei is exhibited is one of exhibition origanization construction that China has dimensions and force most, headquarters is located in Guangzhou, only then 1996. Was judged to be China 2006 the 10 meetings that have force most greatly postpone a business. The whole world shows allied UFI member, zhen Wei comes 10 years, collect exhibition, media, information Wu of 3 great undertaking at an organic whole, guangdong Zhen Wei, beautiful Sha Zhenwei is had below the banner (in heart is joint-stock) , Beijing Zhen Wei, Tianjin Zhen Wei, Shaanxi Zhen Wei, Xinjiang Zhen Wei 5 wholy-owned companies and a joint-stock company.

The success of base oneself upon of Zhen Wei exhibition at the client, always pay close attention to the client's need, with professional plan promotion, strict operation manages and serve outstandingly, be in Beijing every year, - - Guangzhou head office- - and other places of Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xi'an, Urumqi holds more than 20 major to exhibit regularly meeting, involve oil petrifaction, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, nonferrous metal, mechanical, environmental protection, farming heating of animal husbandry, spin, building materials, heat addition, light the domain such as gas, food, conduit, public safety.

Zhen Wei is exhibited with “ major dedicated, innovation serves ” to be management concept; The internationalization of big market of with a view to, old thinking, great progress develops a trend to be guiding ideology: Devote oneself to a brand to exhibit of the meeting breed, meet with cultivating a brand to exhibit, drive an industry, can exhibit economy in order to promote to pull move local economy growth to be ultimate goal, strong contribution extends a trade at meeting.

Zhen Wei is exhibited is the company is in can exhibit an industry to be established meticulously rise specialization well-known trademark, zhen Wei exhibition already completed the strategic overall arrangement that shows the market in China, multiply global economy general trends, should international is interactive tide, zhen Wei is exhibited will wait for an Asia to be able to exhibit a city to be a center with Guangzhou, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Singapore, Hong Kong, go specialization, the brand is changed, the development road of internationalization, the Asia is become to be able to exhibit a brand first-rate inside 3 years.

The exhibition is productivity

Zhen Wei brought up an outstanding and outstanding elite to show a group 10 years
It is one of exhibition orgnaizations that China joins international UFI the earliest to organize
China can exhibit property 10 great attention spend a company
China can exhibit property 10 provide consequence to be able to postpone a business most greatly
Beautiful Sha Zhenwei is China holds water the earliest in heart is joint-stock show one of companies
Top class group exhibits ascend body international business club
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