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Commerce of the border in having stannum shows limited company

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Having commerce of the border in stannum to show limited company is home the professional meeting that has force greatly postpones promotion and one of origanization construction, the company has top-ranking office establishment, modern information and communication method. The company devotes oneself to to initiate a brand to exhibit all the time since establish, and with fossilization of “ exhibition period, dimensions large change, content specializations, the major of ” of the internationalization that postpone business does exhibit for the tenet.

The company sets: Conference ministry, trade department, domestic exhibition ministry, international exhibition ministry, computer department. The company has professional knowledge comprehensive, the administrator with extremely strong capability of meet an emergency, and quality is superior, heart and soul, the employee rank of serious and responsible, dependable job.

Since the company establishs, vigorous all the time effort is vast enterprise establish image, rise famous degree, develop pull wires of domestic and international market to build the bridge, give counsel. The company is working guiding ideology with Wu of high grade, standard, sincere be convinced, all employee will with arouse one's all efforts to make the country prosperous, go all out to become strong, the job of do one's best, establish good market figure, for effulgent tomorrow and make arduous efforts.