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07 international hard alloy and technology and application are exhibited meeting

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Begin time: 2007-5-29
End time: 2007-5-31
Hold a place: Shanghai exhibits a center
Contact: Mr Chen
Connect a telephone call: 021-32060220 32060019
Sponsor an unit: Hurried of trade of China International of branch of hard alloy of association of Chinese tungsten trade is met chamber of commerce of Pudong of Shanghai of chamber of commerce of China International of Shanghai Pudong branch
Undertake unit: Starfish brightness exhibition serves limited company on

Hard alloy of the 2nd 2007 China International reachs exhibition of manufacturing technology and application

Publicize media: Net of business affairs of Chinese hard alloy Net of China business affairs China has lubricious net Net of hard alloy of China of net of business affairs of Chinese pulverous metallurgy Global hardware net Net of Chinese pulverous metallurgy Net of China powder metallurgy Network of news of association of Chinese tungsten trade Metallurgy of powder of big China mechanically-laid web is online Chinese tool net Net of Chinese metal industry Chinese metal machines a net Mineral products of metallurgy of Hui Cong net Chinese mechanically-laid web China curiums industrial net Net of tool of Chinese machine tool Website of Chinese cutting tool Chinese mould net Chinese metallurgy net China has lubricious net Shanghai gauze Chinese vacuum net Chinese alloy net Network of data of Chinese nonferrous metal Chinese drill rod has a net Net of China business chance Chinese ferroalloy website Combine gauze Net of Shanghai nonferrous metal " hard alloy " " rare metal wall bulletin " " rare metal and hard alloy " " contemporary and pulverous metallurgy " " pulverous metallurgical industry " " Chinese tungsten course of study " " Chinese molybdenum line of business " " coloured metallurgy and design " " MM is contemporary make " " contemporary metallurgy " " world nonferrous metal "

Industry of hard alloy of first Shanghai international reachs the “2006 that You Xinghui exhibits company organization to undertake manufacturing technology and applied exhibition”On May 24, 2006 - 26 days exhibit a center to be held successfully in Shanghai. Should exhibit can attract 84 to exhibit business ginseng domestic and internationally in all, exhibit business to come from ten countries such as Hong Kong of Germany, United States, Japan, Denmark, Switzerland, Korea, India, Pakistan, China and Chinese Taiwan, China and area. Exhibit an area nearly 3000 smooth rice, it is current domain of domestic hard alloy is more professional exhibit best with the effect meeting. Should exhibit also can attract personage of the major inside many course of study and latent capacity to buy the home to look around. Via preliminary count, this second exhibit the professional audience number that can register only to amount to 5449 people, the audience outside having the place that comes from 18 countries and area among them 475 people.

Comply with the demand of the development of the market and enterprise, we decide to continue to hold “2007 hard alloy of the 2nd China International and manufacturing technology and applied exhibition ” . Current exhibit meeting general forward “ exhibits meeting internationalization to specialization, the increase that postpone business is the biggest the way that changes ” tries hard further, make oneself contribution for the development of industry of Chinese hard alloy.
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