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Building of the 16th China International decorates exhibition to kick off

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In April 2008 1-4 day, the admiral of building materials industry exhibits “ ” of exhibition of adornment of building of the 16th China International is full-dress come on stage. The corresponding period holds “ architectural pottery of the 9th China International and ” of exhibition of the high-quality goods that defend bath, great Master of global top class design and building materials manufacturer gather together, lead an industry tide jointly.
Building of the 16th China International decorates exhibition opening ceremony

Exhibit world each district comes from during the meeting even more postpones business 600 times, come from an Asia especially postpone business, the assemble exhibits a center in brand-new Pudong new international. Exceed 60 thousand to make the same score rice exhibit an area, showed the newest product of domain of window of the ceramic tile, fittings that defend bath, floor, door, frame, interior decoration, heating, air conditioning, match colors and secondary floor material.

Building of the 16th China International decorates exhibition opening ceremony

In exhibit the forum that rich and colorful still holds during the meeting and activity, among them the most conspicuous should belong to “ pottery and porcelain and innovation material: From aesthetic it is a design only to craft forum of comfortable ” international. Forum theme involves the constructs a design aesthetic scale that pays attention to an environment; The technology with factitious center is applied; The pottery and porcelain that accords with functional sex and aesthetic requirement, natural bucking that reach a person expects use; Especially large contract the theme such as the application of the technology in the project and the tremendous opportunity that material of pottery and porcelain brings.

During pottery and porcelain defends bath to exhibit, general of the person that look around defends a domain to enjoy the EXPO DECO of international great reputation in cabinet of pottery and porcelain slightly—International builds contented to defend bath high-quality goods to design the boundless glamour that exhibits a house, extend overall arrangement of house originality space, show the the most advanced, most elegant product, it is the grand meeting that each trade public figures not allow to miss!

Hold smoothly as what building of the 16th China International decorated exhibition 2008, next we build the seventeenth China International that receives the coming year adornment exhibition, building of the seventeenth China International decorated exhibition 2009 will in April 2009 1-4 day is held, we will continue to report for everybody, ask everybody to pay close attention to at the appointed time.
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