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Building materials extends meeting peak period coming rise ginseng exhibit indus

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Just end spring beautification to live in the Beijing exhibition that exhibit, greeted again new building materials of round of household is exhibited. On March 26, thirteenth fair of trade of building materials of China International building kicks off at Beijing exhibition, the corresponding period holds the 7th China (Beijing) exhibition of international green building materials, eleventh establishment of Wei Yu of China International kitchen and exhibition of shop outfit material, eleventh exhibition of product of material of China International pottery and porcelain, stone. Next 45 month will have more to live in building materials kind exhibit can exhibit at north, new nation develops act.
As all previous China International fair of trade of building building materials enters the Beijing gold outlying place that exhibits an unit the famous building materials such as new group of group, north, Du Bang, Lafaji kind the enterprise alls this year attend as a nonvoting delegate should be exhibited, they express, extend meeting scope complete, ginseng exhibits big, breed the company is well-known spending is the main reason that old ginseng exhibits greatly.
Under photograph comparing, the country that kicks off in China International exhibition at the beginning of March exhibits the meeting that build rich to seek an industry hard well-known trademark sign, be in power of card of new, essay, even the awkward scene that the annatto furniture that the corresponding period holds shows to only two enterprises ginseng is exhibited showpiece. Subsequently a week, the countrywide annatto furniture that Haidian exhibition holds shows similar issue showpiece, on the market famous annatto brand disappears, have small mill only kind the enterprise props up appearance, bring about finally exhibit the discharge that meet a person small, clinch a deal the amount is small, this wanting that have the aid of exhibits the company that can help sheet disappointed and return.
The personage inside course of study points out, exhibit can sponsor just join to close to exhibit a cost and be reduced more exhibiting enterprise aptitude is to cause the main reason that exhibits meeting failure. And businessman of most building materials expresses, with famouser than oneself collective ginseng exhibits degree of small company effect of short of ideal, expect to exhibit can sponsor just rise exhibit meeting level, offer to be revealed well to the businessman, platform of communication, collaboration.