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Steel products is basic concept and production methods

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The concept of 1, rolled steel: Steel is iron, carbon and the alloy of a few other elements. Rolled steel is steel ingot, billet or rolled steel make us through forming the material of all sorts of needs figure, dimension and function. Rolled steel is national construction and implementation 4 change indispensable important goods and materials, use extensive, variety various, it is material of profile, plank, canal and metal according to the different, general component of section appearance 4 kinds big, the production that organizes rolled steel to facilitate, order goods supply and do well management works, divide again attach most importance to course, light course, large section, medium-sized profiled bar, small-sized profiled bar, cold curved profiled bar, high grade profiled bar, wire, medium large board, thin stencil steel, electrician uses silicon steel piece, strip steel, seamless steel tube, solder the breed such as steel tube, metal.

Steel is iron, carbon and the alloy of a few other elements.

Steel is iron, carbon and the alloy of a few other elements. Stainless steel or 10.5% or the current term that the corrosion resistance alloy steel of content of above chromic gold is this metalloid. Should remember stainless steel is not to say this cultivate land to rolled steel does not rust or won't be corroded, the corrosion resistance that just is its alloy than containing chromium can be gotten by force much. Besides chromic metal, if other tantalum also can join the property that is used at changing alloy steel in alloy nickel, molybdenum, vanadium, produce the stainless steel that gives different grade, different performance thereby. Because of applied purpose and place different, choose the cutting tool that the stainless steel place with most proper function makes carefully, the efficiency of specific to you work and success are crucial. The advantage that tantalum brings differs in cutting tool. Say simply: Steel is the alloy of iron and carbon. Other composition is to make rolled steel function is distinguished somewhat. List an essential steel products with alphabetical order below, they include the following part:

Carbon (Carbon) - consist in all rolled steel, it is the most important sclerotic element. Conduce to the strength that increases rolled steel, we hope the rolled steel of cutting tool level has the carbon of 0.5% above normally, also make high-carbon steel.

Chromic (Chromium) - increases wear-resisting caustic sex, hardness, the most important is corrosion resistance, have 13% above consider as stainless steel. Although so cry, if maintain undeserved, all rolled steel can rust.
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