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The production methods of rolled steel

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Treatment of major steel products is to pass forming, the steel that makes be machined (base, ingot) generation plasticity is out of shape. According to rolled steel treatment temperature differs in order to divide cold working and hot work two kinds. The main treatment method of rolled steel has:

Rolling: Rotate metal blank through a pair the clearance of roller (all sorts of appearance) , because suffer the compression of roller to make material sectional,reduce, the forming method that length adds, this is the producer type with manufacturing the most commonly used steel products, basically produce material of profile, plank, canal with a future life. Divide cold rolling, hot-rolling.

Forging: The method of a kind of forming that the pressure of the wallop of move back and forth that uses forging hammer or compressor makes preform changes the form that wants into us and size. General component is free forge and die forging, often use as the material with the sectional larger size such as manufacturing big profile, cogging.

Pull batch: Be will already the metal blank of rolling (model, canal, goods) through the model Kong La is dialed sectional the treatment method that reduces length to increase uses as mostly cold working.

Extruding: Be put the metal in airtight extruding brief inside, one aspect of the matter uses force, the treatment method that makes the metal pushs the finished product that go out and gets having isomorphic shape and measure from inside modular aperture of the regulation, multi-purpose at producing nonferrous metal material.

The classification of rolled steel

Wire: Steel of whorl of general line tall line

Profile: Round steel of profiled bar of H of steel of senior engineer of heavy course of square steel of I-steel channel angle iron is not equilateral steel of gear of light course of angle iron flat steel

Steel bar of heat-resisting of 6 angle iron adds up to knot round steel to add up to labour round steel to just be in charge of carbon to be versed in carbon of steel bearing steel writtens guarantee round steel does not become rusty spring steel of quadrature of round steel of round steel bearing canal

Plank: In thick board carbon of container board medium plate writtens guarantee board boiler board low alloy board decorative pattern board is cold board heat board cold coil board heat coils board plating zine plate eletroplates galvanization of zine plate report coils manganese board stainless steel board silicon steel piece colour besmears
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