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Pi Yanuo of · of human relations assist designs " new York Times " edifice figu

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Pi Yanuo of Lun Zun · designs " new York Times " edifice figure figure is published

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The world builds news network to reported on April 12, river FXFowle designs Pi Yanuo of Lun Zun · " new York Times " the edifice is known as nearly a few years to come to new York the new structure with city horizon the most excellent line. This also is the United States the first structure that with pottery and porcelain sunshade board builds high-level act wall. Glass will enclothe the low iron that exceeds clarity to go up in pipe of pottery and porcelain, form reflection sunlight and commutation colorific act wall.

Building floor, through be born glass can see vista directly, what also can see Pi Yanuo of Lun Zun · builds atelier to design on the street is big. Building of inside and outside is designed and the union of environment, circumjacent environment reflects the garden in ground floor to go up. Garden of this open mode cultivated white birch and moss, built distinctive garden atmosphere. Those who stand by a garden is a hall of 378 seats, be 856 feet tall large building bear the person that hire provides suitable conference room.

The wall of act of pottery and porcelain of edifice coping is delayed up extend, looked to increase limit of silk of bud of a white for the edifice. While this kind of elegant design makes the edifice buys variety for horizon line, also want to encounter with the sky it seems that.

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