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Structure of truss of steel of central head Pin spells 3 outstanding country con

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Structure of truss of steel of central head Pin spells 3 outstanding country conferences of Beijing beforehand check and accept pass smoothly
Http:// releases time: 2006-02-17 origin: Is Mao of discharge  paper employed?
Dispatch of Beijing of Chinese steel structure net (collect make up Dong Haiying of Zhou Weiquan's trainee) on Feburary 15 afternoon, beijing Olympic park (B area) national conference center head structure of Pin steel truss spells the Beijing that checks and accept ceremonial v/arc be on the throne to tell a state at Beijing beforehand limited company of steel structure of 3 outstanding international is held, leader of government of the district that tell a state, Beijing is built appoint wait for relevant unit chief and digital steel structure famous expert attended this ceremony. The Beijing Olympic park that as Beijing the Olympic Games built one of projects 2008 (B area) project of national conference center is one of buildings of Beijing mark sex, be located in Beijing Olympic park (B area) , cover an area of about 8, 14 hectare, gross area makes an appointment with 270 thousand square metre, structural type cuts force wall structure and steel structure for frame, building height 43 meters, the foundation is buried deep - 15.47 meters, after building, will become the Olympic Games offerred fencing 2008 site of amiable handgun race, the international broadcast center when serving as contest at the same time (IBC) and advocate news center (MPC) . Its steel structure project is two contracts award with elevation 1.2M cent paragraph, cent is on underground, ground two parts, tonnage mixes 1500 tons for 1380 tons about respectively. Truss of layer of conference area L4 is conference area shindig the floor steel truss of hall, advocate truss in all 8 Pin, cent makes for 3 jobsG-051, G-052 andG-053 undertake machining making. The large modern conference that as home top-ranking, international precedes exhibits a center, after the Olympic Games, national conference center will raise Beijing to be able to exhibit the hardware level of establishment greatly.

(a component of Pin steel truss in the workshop, more than meters 60 long, more than meters 5 wide, heft 100 tons) the truss after the spot is checked and accept spells outfit argumentation beforehand in the conference, committee member of committee of experts of association of Chinese steel structure Mr Lu Kekuan points out, design of the detail drawing of this component treatment that make is reasonable, select material is elaborate, material qualification, measure reachs the designated position, solder ordinal and proper, technology is advanced, solder be out of shape control is inside formulary limits, fight slippage coefficient the setting is reasonable, at the same time 3 outstanding have a batch of experienced technology personnel, consequently whole project lets a person be at ease. Adviser of expert of project of national stadium bird's nest comprises Mr Liu Zixiang to think, go all out this beforehand outfit went up in the respect such as span, ply a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. Chinese steel structure solders the member that adviser of expert of project of bird's nest of sports of association vice-president, country is comprised Mr Dai Weizhi and He Wen of committee member of committee of experts of association of Chinese steel structure collect a gentleman to also installed plan to offer sufficient affirmation to going all out beforehand, they point out 3 outstanding companies are after the task of treatment of early days steel structure of project of successful stadium of the country that finish, the steel structure that believes to also will complete project of national conference center smoothly machines the task. This 3 outstanding project of center of conference of steel structure country head the success that Pin steel truss spells beforehand is checked and accept, also indicate the enterprise is in a Beijing steel structure at the same time the strategy was stridden in domain of countrywide a person of same business one pace, the weak power position in ending enterprise of Beijing steel structure to compete in major project, with one action becomes the precede person of a person of same business of domestic steel structure. Zhao Hongkai of president of company of steel structure of 3 outstanding international expresses to serve as Beijing the area carries on exclusively the steel structure enterprise of Olympic Games project, 3 outstanding the construction that will assure to complete Olympic Games project smoothly with all one's strength, establish image of company of northward steel structure, promote the development of industry of steel structure of area of annulus Bohai Sea. Information source:
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