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Chinese building materials: The task and good luck are in energy-saving in coexi

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Last year on November 7 morning 10 when, of Shandong jujube village blow up sound, alarmed company of group of housing materials of countrywide —— China (next weighing ” of “ China building materials) those who be in area of Shandong jujube village is all 9 machine establish kiln cement product line to be in the instant with a loud crash cave in, ” that this is Chinese building materials breaks wrist ” operation, and start personally blow up of pushbutton is Song Zhiping of president of Chinese building materials.
The cost of a product line is 18 million yuan, not be a small amount, but Chinese building materials manages a layer,look more far-reachingly apparently. “ washs out the urine mud of resource, small glass only, equip the new technology that insists to expand energy-saving environmental protection, new product, newly, enterprise of Chinese building materials just has true development space. Chinese building materials regards large center as look forward to, expand there is no shirking the responsibility to driving building materials to be able to last of the industry. ” Song Zhiping says.
Be in the center look forward to in commercializing competition completely
Chinese building materials is a relatively special center look forward to, without the resource of any forestall, located is the market of a sufficient competition. It is with cement exemple, countrywide cement crop was 1.36 billion tons last year, occupied the half above of crop of whole world cement. These crop are dispersedly in 5000 cement companies of countrywide of the left and right sides, expended the ” of “ urine mud with resource, low quality to take the close in part of total output actually among them. Industry measure much, dimensions low, industry spends level of small, gain centrally low, it is the problem that Chinese cement line of business exists all the time.
In fact, this is the one horn in the iceberg only. Had become in China while the biggest building materials on the world produces country and consumptive country, building materials industry also becomes the large family that the sources of energy and resource use up, the 3rd when list each industry department. 2007, gross of specific power consumption of industry of Chinese building materials is coal of 195 million tons of standards about, occupy countrywide the sources of energy to use up gross and industrial department the sources of energy to use up gross respectively 7% with 10% . In addition, in producing a course, still discharged a large number of soot and carbon dioxide to wait.
Had done old north to build the Song Zhiping of person of material palm door, know very well the relation of building materials industry and environmental protection. The final user of building materials course of study is bldg. , a few have data to show before New Year, china builds the 95% above in the building to belong to high cost to be able to be built, of the developed country specific power consumption that specific power consumption of heating of unit floor area is climate close 3 times the left and right sides. Before 2005, near 30% what bldg. specific power consumption had occupied countrywide the sources of energy to use up.
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